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Several weeks ago our world monumentally changed for the better when Kamala Harris was announced as the first black, southeast asian, and female president in all of American history. Join us as we speak about how our belief system directly impacts the person we want to be and the person that we can become. People like Kamala Harris are expanders, directly showing us that what we once thought was impossible, is possible. Amazing occasions like these should be used as direct proof that glass ceilings are meant to be broken, in fact, the glass ceiling is your own creation. The only person holding you back from achieving your dreams, no matter how imaginative or farfetched, is yourself.⁣

Key Topics:⁣

  • Future of what it means to be female⁣

  • Expanders and self-created glass ceilings⁣

  • Dangers of relying on collective thinking rather than personal conviction⁣

  • Reliance on your personal ironclad beliefs for monumental change⁣

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