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Whether it’s a company retreat, aN intimate event, or a massive conference, Tracy will inspire, empower, and awaken every person in the crowd.

Her energy, humor, knowledge, and unwavering belief in every human being is palpable.

Her audiences grow, laugh, cry, and connect with themselves and the inner power they possess. Oh, and there will be dancing!

Tracy’s Signature Talks:

  • Dear Fear, It’s Not You, It’s Me

  • Don’t Believe Everything You Think

  • Imprisonment vs. Empowerment: The Choice is Yours

  • Mindset & Manifestation: Secrets to Creating What You Want

  • The Culture of Consciousness

Tracy also offers customized engagements to meet your specific vision and truly deliver an unforgettable experience.

What People Are Saying

“Incredible. Connective. Resonant. It was a one woman show of belief, a mission to free everyone and anyone of their fear. And it more than delivered.”


“Wow. This talk just shifted everything. This woman and this message are a game changer.”

— Danielle W.

“Purely electrifying! An instant dose of perspective and inspiration that everyone needs. Tracy was put on this earth to silence our doubts and jumpstart our dreams.”

— Rachel T.

“Tracy Litt was born with a name that perfectly describes her as a speaker… she LIGHTS UP A ROOM. Her energy, honesty, strength and coaching skills are so clearly on display as she leads a room of people through shifting their beliefs and honing in on what makes them ready for the next level. Barefoot and shimmying through the room, our attendee’s gave rave reviews of Tracy and we are excited to have her back for more events!”

— Emily Benson

“Funny and engaging, a straight arrow right to what’s real, what’s right and what’s needed, Tracy delivers. You will walk away with tools that you can use on a daily basis.”


“There were 500 people at our symposium and every single person there was more engaged than ever before. Tracy didn’t just present or talk at them, it was interactive. She made it a conversation. I’ve never seen that many people not touch their phones for an hour. Tracy had a true impact on every one of us.”


“I’ve seen & worked with many motivational speakers & coaches over the years personally and Tracy is one of the best.”


“I loved it! I surprised myself by opening up in front of a room full of strangers. Something inside of me was like who cares what they think this was about me and I was going to take advantage of my time with Tracy and absorb as much as I could!”


Tracy is hands down one of the best speakers I’ve ever seen. Can’t remember the last time I felt so inspired!”

— Ashley W.

“If you’re looking for that “Ah Ha” moment in your life, the Litt Factors got it! Tracy is a MUST HAVE in your mental toolbox.”


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