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(Really, I know how many places you could be right now… so I’m honored that you’re here in my world, ready to connect with me. It’s not something I take lightly.)

What I know about you?

You’re a dynamic, fierce, capable woman with super deep desires, unique gifts, and unlimited potential…

Here’s what’s no longer up for negotiation:

You are enough.

Your worth, lovability, and abundance are your birthright.

And everything you want wants you.

Now, it’s time to shatter your own glass ceiling and show up for your next-level impact.

You know that there’s a massive contribution you’re here to make in this lifetime, a much bigger game that you are here to play…

Here’s the truth:


You can’t have different and stay the same.


And the growth of your business and your impact will never outpace your personal growth.


Because you can follow Brené Brown, listen to Abraham Hicks, be in awe of Dr. Joe Dispenza, and attend every Tony Robbins event…


…But without the practical application of all the mindset and energetic work, your next level will continue to elude you.

You need and get to learn:

How to use your gorgeous mind, the greatest tool you will ever have access… to think the thoughts you need to think to do things you want to do.


How to become an energetic match for everything you desire… and deeply trust that it’s safe for you to have it all.

How to utilize your inner power to truly create your own reality
… to feel what you want to feel, to say what you want to say, and to create what you want to create.

How to access the wisdom of your Higher Self
so that you can actualize your vision with alignment, ease, and flow.


That’s where our work together begins.

I’m here to guide you in the process of becoming HER, the woman in your vision



My job is to give you the tough love AND unwavering support necessary to:

  • Identify and reprogram your core limiting beliefs…

  • Stop spending so many hours of your day in stress, overwhelm, worry, and pressure…

  • Raise your conscious awareness so that you can make new choices in the moments where you want to make the same old ones…

  • Be your own guru and lead from your inner wisdom…

  • Do the work to become the highest version of yourself (AKA the most important work you’ll ever do in your life!)


…And you get to borrow MY belief in you until you’re fully immersed in YOUR OWN unwavering self-belief.



If Brené Brown and Tony Robbins had a baby, that would be me.


As a spiritual advisor and mindset coach to visionary women leaders and entrepreneurs, a highly sought-after keynote speaker, TEDx speaker, and international best-selling author of Worthy Human


…I’ve helped THOUSANDS of women across 7 countries rise in all aspects of themselves, dramatically elevating prosperity, happiness, and fulfillment — one choice at a time.


One by one, they are stepping into the reality of their highest selves… and actualizing their next-level wealth and impact. 


Hang with me and you’ll find I’m a powerhouse of energy, exuding unconditional love and light… but I’m also stunningly direct, getting straight to the heart of what’s real and what’s true.


I’ve also been called:

  • “Cut-The-Shit Litt”

  • The #PlatitudeWhisperer (Give me your platitudes and I’ll make them practical and applicable)

  • The Cure for Emotional Congestion (Warning: Spend enough time with me and you WILL cry…and that’s a great thing! We all need to cry more!)

  • “The loving smack in the face I didn’t know I needed”

I’m no stranger to grief, trauma, and personal growth…


I tragically lost my mother at age 24… and to this day, she remains an unparalleled beacon of light for me.


At 28, I went from thinking I’d found the relationship of my life, building my dream home, and being pregnant with my daughter… to sobbing on my garage floor after my relationship crumbled, wondering whose life I’d fallen into.


Still, I picked up the pieces and went from unemployed single mother with an 8-month-old baby to climbing the corporate ladder to VP status…


…Until I felt my soul slowing dying in that job because I knew there was so much more for me.

Who leaves a cushy multi-6-figure job that’s just fine to pursue a calling from her Higher Self to become a coach? This woman does!


In all of these turning points in my life, I heard a call from my Higher Self… a deep-down knowing that I had a clear choice:


Stay in victim mode, or step up and BECOME the woman I was capable of being.


Now, whenever I face a challenge, I ask what has become the guiding question of my life…


I know you are ready to wake up to how
incredibly capable
you already are.

You are a spiritual, energetic being having a human experience… and our work together lives at the crossroads of metacognition and spirituality.

When you understand what enlightenment and empowerment are really about — and how to apply them on a practical level — there’s nothing you can’t affect, create, or generate.

HERE’s What OTHERS Are Saying

“I’m a different person than before I started working with Tracy. I used to be so afraid of what people would think and it blocked me from showing up and taking my business to the next level.

This newfound confidence is fucking amazing. I feel unstoppable. Tracy is the real deal. In working with Tracy, I know sky’s the limit.

If you want to take your life or business or both to the next level, work with her.”

— Breanna Kulwin, Teen Empowerment Coach and Healer

“I knew that working with Tracy would be transformative but I never imagined it would be to this extent. It is the SINGLE best thing I have ever done for my personal development. 

Tracy’s work taught me how to get out of my head and into my heart. She helped me learn the steps to master my mind and not be controlled by my thoughts. Most of all, she helped me learn to feel deeply and understand that THIS is where I hold my greatest power. 

To say that Tracy helped me unleash my best self is the understatement of the year. Her work helped me to transform beyond my wildest dreams. It is the best financial commitment you will ever make for yourself. I am eternally grateful for the powerhouse that is Tracy Litt.”

— Rachel Frieman, Founder of Mindstrong Fitness, Head Trainer & Fitness Author

“Hiring Tracy to be my coach remains one of the best things I have ever done in my life. I am more visible and act without fear of judgement. Our work together has taught me so much, one of which is learning how to master being detached from the outcome which has resulted in exponential growth in my business. It’s raining clients! Tracy is no B.S. and pure love. She is as invested in my growth as I am. She keeps me moving, and consistently calls me out when I’m in a pattern that doesn’t serve me.  I am amazed at her energy and power. Tracy is a gift.”

— Donna Star, Executive Success Coach and Founder of DStar Coaching & Consulting


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