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Before you start this episode, grab a pen and paper because I’m going to hit you with tons of golden nuggets and Tracy Truth Bombs!

What does it take to create your dreams? How do I become an extraordinary leader? How do I play big? Here’s the answer: unwavering, unshakable conviction. 

It is your responsibility and privilege to protect, nurture, and honor your conviction. You have all the power. Although, there is a common thread I’ve found throughout my work that is stealing your conviction. In this episode, I discuss what that is and I’ll walk you through 5 factors that are influencing your conviction so you can start to identify and become aware.

Key Topics:

  • Your conviction is inside you

  • The origin point of disappointment and frustration is your own chosen expectations

  • If you’re attached to your expectations, you’re not in your conviction

  • The truth about waiting for the shoe to drop 

  • Becoming aware of your self-sabotage

  • A new paradigm on failure 

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