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In this episode, I interview Kendrick Shope, founder and CEO of Authentic Selling University, where she has assisted her students in bringing in millions of dollars for their businesses. We speak about how you alone are responsible for living the life that you believe in, without making excuses. All too often motherhood and our own biological impulses get in the way of us feeling like we can take risks and pursue our passions with unshakeable conviction and determination. Kendrick, often called the most over-delivering woman online, has been featured on The Steve Harvey Show, Forbes, NBC, and dozens more. 

Rather than feeling like you need to ask your spouse’s permission or simply give up when you sense the first signs of struggle or failure, it is vital to work with those rejections and consider success as something within reach. We should not be simply TELLING our daughters and future generations that their dreams are achievable and that they can do anything they want with their lives, we should be LIVING it. Kendrick and I discuss how we can still be heart-centered and mission-driven people, while still making the sale. We should not view making the sale as manipulative or greedy, rather we should view it selfish not to. The concept of helping others and making money is not mutually exclusive. We can sell products we believe in, and make money doing it.

Key Topics:

· The differences between discussion and permission when making changes in your life.

· What makes it important to take ownership of your life, career and body.

· How you can defy your biological impulses, excuses of motherhood and fear when working towards success.

· You can be a heart-centered person while still making the sale, in fact it’s the only way.


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