A new torch has been “Litt”
The Litt Factor is now

Come experience what it means to be TRULY ALIVE. Discover the intersection of science and spirituality. Explore the School of Becoming.

The purpose of The Litt Factor
has been Fulfilled.

In 2023, The Consciousness Revolution was born – a movement of leaders and entrepreneurs who are evolving intentionally and embodying new paradigms of unconditional joy and holistic success.

With this ascension, the consciousness of The Litt Factor evolved and a new school of higher consciousness was born – The School of Becoming™.

The School of Becoming will continue the proven work of founder Tracy Litt and show modern visionary women around the world how to harness the magic of their unlimited potential for unprecedented success and global impact.

Ready to leverage the power of science & spirituality to reach new levels of leadership, wealth, ease, flow, and soul-satisfaction?

Take the Ascension Assessment

An 11-Question Test that Will Blow Your Mind
& Open Your Eyes to What You Couldn’t See Before:
The Truly Unlimited Potential Within You

Looking for Tracy?

She’s not here.

She’s over in
The School of Becoming.

Before Tracy became a mom of 3, a 7-figure business owner, an international best-selling author, and a TEDx speaker…

She wanted to be a teacher. As a little girl, she would hold class with her stuffed animals and often send her real friends away when “class was in session.”

At the time, she could not have imagined becoming the creator of the award-winning Neuro-Identity Evolution™ methodology, the Founder of The School of Becoming, and one of the top science & spirituality teachers in the world… but here we are.

Tracy would love to meet you over at The School of Becoming… as soon as class is over, of course.😉

Please direct all media requests, inquiries, and other messages here.

So, what should I still come to The Litt Factor for?

Absolutely nothing.
The Litt Factor has intentionally faded into the background
and solely acts as the holding company
for The School of Becoming.

Go there now.