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S2 EPISODE 9: Embodying a State of Gratitude

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“A gratitude list is lovely; however it’s quite useless if you aren’t emotionally connected to what a state of gratitude feels like in your body, in your heart, and in your spirit.”

It’s Thanksgiving week in the United States and I want you to feel the power of gratitude flowing through your body. It’s one of the most powerful experiences that we can have, but it requires us to let our bodies truly relax into and accept it.

I’ve recorded a delicious, peaceful guided meditation to facilitate this experience for you. I want you to create a quiet haven for yourself to truly take this in and let yourself be filled with the power of gratitude in your body. You deserve it.

Key Topics

  • All the ways gratitude, when truly practiced, increases your health and abundance

  • A guided gratitude meditation that will give you the experience of being in a deep state of gratitude


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