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S2 EPISODE 10: The External World Does Not Create Your Internal Environment

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“Your ability to choose how you interpret and respond to the constant stimulus and external variables of life is the biggest superpower you will ever possess.”

It’s the last episode of season 2 and I am so grateful you showed up this season to listen in and level up. I have loved this season and can’t wait to bring you more in the new year. But I wanted to leave you with one of the most powerful truths I have learned about becoming HER before we wrap the season.

This episode is about shifting from the lie that our outside creates our inside to centering on the truth that we can create whatever we want externally by taking responsibility for our internal environment.

Key Topics

  • How we got into a situation that lets our outsides dictate our insides

  • Why our insides actually create our outsides

  • The key difference between reaction and response

  • An exercise to move from an imprisoned mind to an empowered mind


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