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S2 EPISODE 5: Let It Be Easy

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“You are over-efforting to try and make it easier.”  

It gets to be easy and the only thing making it hard is you. 

Believing that success needs to be hard, that thriving requires insane effort, is an old paradigm, and we need not subscribe to it anymore. 

Here’s a new truth: easy is a decision. And this episode is a reminder to you that you can choose ease at any time.

What if ease became your north star? That’s the choice I made, and it has changed the game. I invite you to listen in, open up, and reprogram with me in this episode.

Key Topics

  • What to do when you realize you are over-efforting

  • 3 origin sources of where our addiction to hard comes from

  • Questions to ask yourself to understand what ease feels like

  • Prompts to open up your subconscious mind and discover what beliefs are there around ease


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