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S2 EPISODE 4: How to Get Over Emotional Addictions

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“The emotions of your past will not bring you a new future.” 

To live in the reality of your vision, recognizing the truth of your emotional addictions is critical. We all have emotions that we spend most of the days of our lives feeling. Overtime they become addictions, and to generate and embody a new future and next level, you cannot continue to live in the emotions of your past.  

The next level of you spends her days in higher level emotions, emitting higher energetic frequency. 

Inside Mind Magic, you break those emotional addictions. Enrollment is open right now. Leap.

Key Topics

  • The definition of addiction that I use

  • Why you can choose how you feel

  • Questions to ask yourself to understand your emotional addictions

  • How your past has conditioned your current inner environment


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