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EPISODE 24: Don’t Water Dead Plants with Liz Svatek

My friend and today’s guest, Liz Svatek is the founder of The Warrior Moms, a movement and online community that inspires moms to put themselves BACK ON THE LIST. An in-demand worldwide speaker, Liz also hosts the top-rated Conversations With Warrior Women with Liz Svatek Podcast. Liz inspires women to access their inner warriors and interviews women across the country who are leaping into their greatness personally and professionally. She is also head of the podcast division at BH Marketing Firm, and a podcast coach, helping people launch their own successful podcasts.

Liz and I talk about how to unlock your warrior status, and the struggles and trenches we must crawl through to discover the inspirational catalysts required for our own growth. Failure is not only something that we all experience, but a predecessor of the success that we so richly desire and deserve.

Liz shares her emotional personal stories on how she has become her strongest self, as well as advice that we all get to recognize as building blocks of unlocking our greatest potential.


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