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I am extremely excited about my guest, Tara Zeller. Our relationship goes way back and I can’t wait for you to tap into her expertise.

Tara is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, wife and mother of 2 daughters. She holds her Bachelors in Psychology and her Masters in Management from UCF. She is the founder of The AppleTree Connection,  a career development and staffing agency dedicated to providing premier training to the NEW RBT (Registered Behavioral Technician), mentoring young professionals, and shaping leaders at service-based organizations.

Tara has presented at conferences, sat on career readiness panels, written numerous articles, and is currently a committee member of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board.

Tara is a well-rounded all-star, but most-importantly she is one of my best friends since I was 13 years old.

Tara and I discuss how behaviors are shaped and dive into the cues and antecedents we can shift to set ourselves up for success. We often reinforce negative outcomes by not altering the root cause of our problems, however, this can easily be overcome by altering both our actions and damaging thought patterns. Tara shares the juicy details of her inspiring experience growing her business and her perspective on expanding your company and reach.

Key Topics

  • Growing yourself vs. growing your business

  • ABC’s of behavior

  • Setting yourself up for success

  • Overlaps between Tara’s work and my work

  • Money vs. Success

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