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Every Wednesday on The Litt Factor FB Business Page I host Wednesday Wisdom. This one was so juicy, I wanted to share it here with you too. 

If you want what you say you want, you can’t need it. 

I need more money. I need more clients.  I need someone in my life. All of that need it blocking you from actualizing it. 

Inherent in need is lack. When you’re in need you are acknowledging that you do not have it. In essence, that is where you are actually placing your focus and attention. To actualize and generate your desires, you have to not need them. To embrace the truth of your wholeness. That you really don’t need anything because nothing completes you and you don’t live conditionally happy. Can’t wait to here your a-ha’s from this episode. 

Key Topics

  • The key to generate your desires

  • Importance of embracing a sense of calm

  • How focus and attention impacts your results 

  • Not needing it allows you to be a match for it


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