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Pumped about this week’s guest, Tim Shurr. He is an expert when in human behavior and potential. Tim has helped tens of thousands of people uncover the unhealthy habits and belief systems that hold people back from having their greatest impact. He is a renowned public speaker, podcast host of How to Be Mesmerizing and author of several bestselling books including the upcoming One Belief Away! How to Upgrade Your Unconscious Mind for Prosperity and Inner Peace, which just came out on January 19th.

Tim and I have an honest and awakening conversation about how your experiences shape the way we view the world and how our perspectives change as we learn and grow over time. I loved every second and you will too. Tim and I are definitely kindred spirits. 

Key Topics

  • Evolution of perspective and how experiences shape how you perceive the world 

  • Importance of connecting with others in shaping your better self

  • Complex meaning of what it means to be lucky

  • Meaning of opportunities of synchronicity 

  • League Summit and how you can get involved

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