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S2 EPISODE 7: Let’s Talk About Worth

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“What this world needs right now, more than ever, is visionary women abundant with the conviction of their worth and wholeness.”

This is how we change the world to become what we want it to be. This is how we cultivate unwavering belief in ourselves so we can show up to do the work we’re called to do. 

I have strong feelings about this topic (and wrote a book about it), so get ready for an unapologetic reminder of your inherent wholeness, where the lies about your not enough-ness come from, and how to never negotiate your worth again. 

Key Topics

  • Why it’s normal to struggle with the lies of unworthiness

  • 4 signs that it’s time to do the Worth Work

  • Where the idea comes from that you are not enough

  • What the worth-negotiation trap is and how to get out of it


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