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S2 EPISODE 1: Paradigm Shifts Start Now

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It’s a brand new season of the podcast and I’m coming to you with a whole new energy. After taking a season break, I realized that I needed to tweak a few things on this show in order for it to serve you at the highest level. That means new episodes will be dropping weekly on Sunday mornings, and I want you to curl up in your favorite spot with your favorite coffee and listen in.

Today’s kickoff episode is covering a topic that I teach about all the time: we are in a paradigm shift. And no one knows what you need better than you. I’m inviting you to join me in my upcoming Elevation Experience, which means 7 days of coaching with me where I guide you through the pillars of your own paradigm shift.

Key Topics

  • Where alignment and deep soul clarity comes from

  • What consultative decision making is and why not to use it

  • My definition of a paradigm shift and why it is essential


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