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Tracy Crossley is a Behavioral Relationship Expert and a specialist when it comes to treating individuals with insecure attachment and unhealthy relationship patterns. She helps people break unhealthy cycles, shift their way of thinking and connect more deeply with themselves and others. Tracy is a podcast host, an inspirational speaker, an author, and dear friend. 

Insecure attachment impacts every single relationship that we have. The involuntary emotional baggage that we have picked up from when we are very young children has the power to shape our perceptions of people, our fear that people will leave us, and our inherent negative desire to avoid making meaningful connections to avoid future pain. Join me and Tracy as we dive in!

Key Topics:

  • Meaning of insecure attachment

  • How to uncover where feelings are stored in your body

  • How to use relationships as a mirror for self-reflection

  • Value of dispelling rules and patterns in favor of truth

  • Techniques of inward reflection in relationship growth

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