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Do you feel like society keeps you in a box and prevents you from pursuing your dreams?

As women, we all too often feel like we need to modify our own dreams and ideas to society’s notions of what an entrepreneur ‘should’ look like. But this is bullsh*t, and Bri Seeley is here to teach you otherwise. Bri is Google’s #1 Entrepreneur Coach, Winner of a Silver Stevie Award, a member of Forbes Coaches Council, and author of the best-selling Permission to Leap.

Bri and I discuss the importance of being unapologetic in your journey to success. How to carry your conviction despite struggles, remaining true to your goals and perspective of success, without subjecting yourself to society’s limited perspective and so much more. 

What You Will Learn

  • How to hold tight to your conviction despite struggles

  • Importance of not opening yourself to others’ limited perspectives

  • What it means to be an unapologetic entrepreneur

  • Value of creating your own, personalized version of success and your goals

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