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Rapid Transformational Therapy is a hybrid therapy, that offers unparalleled results by combining the most beneficial principles of Hynotherapy, NLP, Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  Developed by the highly acclaimed Marisa Peer who has perfected this method over 30 years.  


Using RTT we have the ability to access the subconscious mind allowing us to uncover, reprogram and upgrade limiting beliefs and find the root cause of any mental or physical issue, pattern or behavior providing complete freedom and healing.

The direct access to the subconscious, along with other modalities used in RTT allows us to effectively, swiftly and permanently create the change you seek.


When you’re looking for change, or experiencing issues, you want relief. You want rapid results and that’s exactly what RTT delivers.  Unlike talk therapy, that can often take years and years, RTT most commonly delivers in a single session. Some issues may require up to, but not more than 3 sessions.


Yes, it feels like magic, but really, it’s science. 


Rapid Transformational Therapy is freedom. It’s the doorway to your best self.

I’m sure you are swirling with questions, so let’s move into an efficient Q & A format…

Who is RTT for?


RTT is for any human, young or old, who desires to feel better (internally or externally).  RTT is for you if have tried to change, but have been unsuccessful. RTT is for you if you want to improve a specific area of your life or business and haven’t been able to get there yourself. RTT is for you is you want a life of freedom, joy and fulfillment.


What issues do you work with?


My areas of specialty are Confidence, Self-Esteem, Money Blocks, Public Speaking, Fear of Visibility, Procrastination, Self-Sabotage, Anxiety and Depression

RTT works on a wide range of issues, including but not limited to:  Anxiety, Depression, Addictions, Pain Control, Infertility, Insomnia, Weight Loss, Fears & Phobias, Motivation, Procrastination, Compulsive Behavior, Chronic Stress, Confidence, Money Blocks, Bad Habits and more… (I am available for RTT sessions on any and all issues) 

Does it work?


Yes. Rapid Transformational Therapy and hypnosis has worked for millions of people just like you, no matter the issue. It’s simple, effective and proven.

How long does it take?

An RTT session lasts between 90 – 120 minutes.  It is for that reason that every session is booked as 2 hours.

Am I awake?


Yes. RTT/Hypnosis is a sleep of the nervous system. You don’t actually go to sleep. You are fully aware and dropped in to a deeper level of yourself. You are in charge.

Can I get stuck in hypnosis?

No. That’s a myth. You have complete control the entire time. You are talking and dialouging with me throughout the session.

What does it feel like?

It feels different for different people.  Mostly it is a feeling of deep relaxation and ease.  For some, it’s a sleepy, floating sensation.  How you feel during the session is no indication on how effective it is. It is working, no matter what!


What if I think I already know the root and reason of my issues?


Even if you think you do, through RTT, you’ll experience it in a completely new way. And for many, they go back to new scenes that may have been repressed, that are totally different than what was expected.  Trust that your brilliant, subconscious mind will always bring forth exactly what you need

Do you do regression?


Yes, regression is an essential part of RTT. Through hypnosis, you observe experiences of your past and draw a new understanding.  Understanding in hypnosis is the most liberating, transformational power.

How does it work in just one session?


RTT and hypnosis provide direct access to the reasons you feel how you feel. We are not wasting time talking about what you conscious mind thinks may be the cause. You subconscious minds already had the answers. 

Through the answers, you gain a new understanding, from a place of non-judgement. This allows you mind to let go for good. Then we are able to reprogram and upgrade your mind with the beliefs that empower you.

Some issues can take more than one session.

How will I feel after the session?


Everyone is different. You may feel extremely happy and excited, relieved and free. You may find yourself very tired and sleep. It is possible to find yourself in a reflective mood.

It’s not uncommon to remember more and have additional insights that apply to the issue you worked on.

Is it all confidential?


Yes. Absolutely.

Where do you do RTT sessions?


I offer session in-person, locally, in Palm Beach County in South Florida or virtually through Zoom online platform. All you need is an internet connection.

How do I work with you?


There is nothing more transformational than the power of Coaching and RTT combined. There are the perfect marriage. 

We are able to the use the power of RTT to go deep to identify the blocks and reprogram your subconscious, then use the power of coaching to keep you progressively taking action, raising your awareness, mastering your mind, and creating the life of your dreams…however that is defined by you.

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What People Are Saying…

“RTT has literally changed my life. I had been in traditional therapy for years surrounding my divorce and I never felt like it helped. I would mask over the root of my problems and pretend that everything was better, but I was literally dying inside. I was very unhappy with myself and my life and never understood why.


With RTT Tracy lovingly got to the root of the problem and has helped me to let it go and move on. It sounds so simple and I would never have believed it, but the day after doing my session with Tracy, I literally woke up and hugged myself saying “I Love You!”… something I had not been able to say to myself in a very long time.


I feel a lightness that transfers to everything I do. It’s funny how many people have told me since them that I am absolutely glowing. That’s how transformational it was. It is the best investment I have ever made in my life! Thank you Tracy!!”


— Wendy Day

“I’ve had general anxiety & social anxiety for many, many years. The anxiety crept into different areas of my life. I had done traditional talk therapy for years with no real relief. So I decided to try a session with Tracy.


I was excited and nervous. I had never been hypnotized before. And I couldn’t believe it was possible to do it through video conferencing. It was incredible, groundbreaking, and Tracy was there every step of the way. Making me feel calm and taken care of. When it was over I was blown away by the whole process.


It’s been 8 days since my session and I have been listening the recording Tracy made for me 1 or 2 times a day. My anxiety has almost entirely disappeared. I feel lighter, more free and so much better. I had a dinner with friends a few days after our session. I felt zero social anxiety, before, during or after. I felt very comfortable in my own skin!

The whole process has been amazing! I can’t thank Tracy enough. It’s not only the RTT, it’s Tracy! She gets it all so quickly. And does it with such wisdom and grace. Don’t walk, run to do a session!”


“Back in November, I attended Tony Robbins’ UPW program. It’s a weekend-long full immersion event and the most powerful thing I’d ever done for myself. It’s a truly life-changing experience I’ll never forget. Today, I did a RTT session with Tracy. When I say the power of this hour and a half was tenfold from that of UPW, it is no exaggeration. I have never experienced such an eye-opening, consciousness-shifting, bullshit-releasing tool.


I didn’t have any expectations going into my session. I love Tracy as a person and love her work so I knew whatever it was, it was going to be good. I didn’t know it would be of this magnitude. If you’re considering trying out RTT w Tracy, it is the single best gift you can give yourself. I would pay 3x what I did for UPW for one session w Tracy (and I say that as a huge fan of Tony Robbin’s work-absolutely nothing against UPW as it’s awesome and highly recommended -that’s just the magnitude of RTT w Tracy).”



“Back in November, I attended Tony Robbins’ UPW program. It’s a weekend long full immersion event and the most powerful thing I’d ever done for myself. It’s a truly life changing experience I’ll never forget. Today, I did a RTT session with Tracy. When I say the power of this hour and a half was ten fold from that of UPW, it is no exaggeration. I have never experienced such an eye opening, consciousness-shifting, bullshit-releasing tool.”

— Rachel S.

Check out these results…

“When I met Tracy I was struggling with confidence and had low self-esteem. It was keeping me from enjoying my life and most importantly from showing up in my business. My RTT experience was life-changing. I started feeling the changes almost immediately. The daily recording was transformational.


I feel like a different person now. I am confident, I am take action daily and my business has grown as a result. My relationships have improved and for the first time in a long time, I love myself. Best thing I’ve ever done.”


“I absolutely loved my RTT session with Tracy. Her strength of purpose combined with her big heart helped hold the space for me to find clarity and understanding around a long held issue I had. It was transformational!”


“My teenage daughters have both done RTT with Tracy and it has been great for both of them. Tracy made them feel so comfortable and built great rapport with both girls. I’ve seen huge improvements in behavior, choices they are making and their self-confidence. I highly recommend Tracy and her RTT program.”


“I loved my Rapid Transformational Therapy session with Tracy! Tracy exudes positive energy, and her genuine passion for uplifting others is obvious as soon as you meet her. I experienced a powerful transformation after working with Tracy. Immediately after the session, I felt empowered to create the future I want for my life and business. The hyper critical thoughts and nagging self-doubt I experienced for years (decades) truly feel like a thing of the past. Thank you, thank you, thank you Tracy for the healing you’ve helped me experience. I am transformed and I couldn’t be more excited for what comes next!”


“Tracy is this delightful combination of one part coach - one part cheerleader - one part asskicker and one part magic. There is always that one coach that makes it click for you - who shows you how powerful it can be to have someone in your corner; helping you to see things clearly and with compassion - for me Tracy is that person. I was both skeptical and curious about RTT when I signed up but I am now confident it was the best investment I made in 2018; it not only help me make peace with my past, but it also created a foundation for me to celebrate my present and look forward to my future with excitement and anticipation.”

— Seema B.