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OCTOBER 3rd – 6th, 2022

Four Days. Four Mini-Experiments. 

One Quantum Explosion.

A Free 4-Day Online Experience for

Women Leaders and Entrepreneurs

to Embody Their Inner Supernova 

With Spiritual Teacher + Quantum Success Mentor Tracy Litt

Starting OCTOBER 3RD, 2022

You’re f*cking magic,

and you know it.

You’re right up against your next growth edge – ready to beam like a supernova.

(You know, those stars that explode with one billion times the  luminosity of the sun? Yeah. That’s you.)

Let’s detonate your greatness and

shine like a billion suns.

I’ll be sharing secrets with you that, until now,

I’ve only taught to private clients & Mind Magicians!

Learn My 4-Step Method for Quantum Embodiment

4 practical, proven steps that work like magic, so you can tap in, turn on, and embody your inner supernova.

Tracy will make you believe in your limitless potential.

“There comes a point as a woman entrepreneur that you realize the thing that’s holding you back isn’t money; time; resources or lack of strategy and tactics. The thing that’s holding you back is. . . YOU. That’s where Tracy comes in; Tracy is magic herself – she will make you believe in your limitless potential and give you a sharp kick when you are making excuses your reality. Get in before Oprah finds out about her.”

Seema Bharwani

Content Creation Queen

Manifestation isn’t magic.

It’s science.

Let me show you my practical approach to manifesting a quantum leap in your business with

My definition of Supernova:

n. noun /

A luminescent being (that’s you!) who bursts forth in full self-expression, unleashing a new quantum level of presence, personality, and meaningful work.

Owning your inner supernova results in unapologetically shining and catapulting your rise to prominence as a leader in your industry, as you own the conviction, authority, and grounded feminine goddess wolf power that lights up a room as soon as YOU walk in.

Can you open yourself to receive a QUANTUM LEVEL
of delicious expansion?

Here’s how it’s all going down.

Let’s go beyond
what you think is possible.

The Supernova Experiment shows you
how to transcend your perceived limitations and
play full out - in business and in life - as you rock your fully expressed supernova-ness

During this
immersive, free virtual experience,

We’ll focus on four predictable skills that will rapidly accelerate your supernova expression:




The Perspective Experiment

All that’s between you and your next quantum leap is a new perspective

Discover what your next growth edge is and why you haven’t yet been able to burst forth with full, unapologetic shine. Uncover the perspectives that have been stopping you from accelerating your explosive growth and global luminescence. (Hint: When I owned this, I 10X’d my business.)





The Safety Experiment

You can only grow at the speed of safety

Discover what keeps you in a pressurized state of constant activity, without producing the results you fully desire. Uncover the reasons you hold back, procrastinate, or second-guess yourself, despite knowing exactly what you need to do. You’ll learn to “make it safe” to quantum leap to new levels of success and happiness.




The Embodied Experiment

Embodying your future self is the missing link to quantum expansion

Discover the missing link between you and the lived experiences you desire: who you need to become. Uncover the steps to embodying her now and why everything you currently think you need to do to get to the next level is irrelevant. Learn my embodiment technique to become your highest self.





The Decision Experiment

Make decisions that realize your larger-than-life desire.

Discover how to make decisions insanely easy - without the drama and delay. Uncover the predictable steps to bring your visions from the quantum 5D realm into the 3D - a.k.a. your physical reality. Learn to “lock in” to your decision fully.





*VIP Only*
Special Integration Session

Spend special small group time with Tracy integrating the week.

Tracy will lead a special integration session, including breathwork and Q&A, for those who choose the VIP upgrade during registration. The VIP Option will also include lifetime access to the replays of The Supernova Experiment and a special gift.

These women are incredible leaders and CEO’s of their own companies.

We’re all grappling with these issues.

“The incredible community that Tracy has built was also
something that I was not expecting. These are women who are
incredible leaders and CEOs of their own companies – I looked at myself as a music teacher and wasn’t sure if I belonged. But I soon learned that everyone has the same struggles, everyone has the same blocks, obstacles, and dreams. Everything became more available and accessible to her because I realized that I wasn’t any different than these women – we’re all the same and grappling with these issues of worthiness, value, past wounds, and traumas that were preventing us from growing no matter what that looked like. Being able to see that was a game changer.”

Jen Rafferty

Founder of The Empowered Educator


Tracy Litt

Hey Visionary Woman!

Clearly, the Universe thought we should meet.

I’m Tracy Litt.
Mom of 3. Spiritual teacher. Emotional Healer.
Real AF business mentor. Million dollar business owner.

I’ve created the most direct and
effective “personal development and expansion” strategy for
Modern Women Leaders + Entrepreneurs.

It’s inner work like you’ve never seen it before:

  • Simple
  • Practical
  • Results-in-minutes
  • Deeply connected to Spirit
  • Fully human 
  • Raw and real
  • Based entirely in love
  • But also, we don’t take-no-shit ; )

And we’ll be diving into it during this free live event!

Other Street Cred:

  • Bestselling Author of Worthy Human
  • TEDx Speaker
  • Founder of The Litt Factor
  • Creator of Mind Magic®
  • Success 125 Global Leader
  • Top Corporate Speaker & Advisor 
  • Thousands of clients transformed worldwide

Your quantum leap is one yes away.

Access the incredible magic within and embody your inner supernova.
 Join us for this, special 4-day online event.

Star Package Includes

  • Access to the 4-day online live sessions via Facebook Community
  • Access to The Supernova Experiment digital workbook


VIP Package

  • Access to all live sessions in the Supernova Zoom Room.
  • Access to The Supernova Experiment digital workbook
  • Front row access to ask Tracy your questions on Zoom after every session!
  • Day 5 BONUS Integration & Coaching session exclusively for VIP’s
  • Lifetime access to all 5-days of recordings
  • Special Gift