“Impact. Wealth. Ease. Joy.
It’s all happening…Like Magic.

– Things Mind Magicians Say

The Inner Work that creates next level success…like magic.

Mind Magic®

is where highly-conscious, high-achieving women leaders and entrepreneurs come together to expand their vision, master their mindset, heal the wounds that are holding them back, and grow their businesses in quantum leaps.

Potent         |         Proven         |        Game-Changing


Mind Magic® is an Identity-Evolution Practice that integrates science, spirituality, metacognition (thought work), and nervous system regulation to literally evolve yourself into the woman leader and entrepreneur you are destined to become.

What is Identity-Evolution?

Your identity is the totality of the woman you are currently being:

your thoughts, how you carry yourself, what you allow, your habits, what you believe is possible, the energy you emit, the strategies you use (or don’t use), and your self-perception.

Your current identity has created your current level of results:

the money in your bank, the size of your business, the depth of your impact, the satisfaction in your relationships, your level of visibility and authority.

Imagine your current identity like a character in a movie. That character can only play that role. If you want to change the storyline, you’ve got to rewrite the script.

Identity-Evolution is a process of Becoming HERTM.

It is becoming the highest version of yourself who already has, and is enjoying, all the success, business growth, impact, wealth, and joy that you desire.

She thinks differently.

She acts differently.

She’s not afraid of the same things you are.

She’s not having the same conversations.

She’s not wearing the same outfits.

She’s not selling the same way.

She’s not making the same offers.

She’s further ahead of you.

So in Mind Magic®, we create from the question “What would SHE do?” TM

If you’re here, you probably want...

  • To grow your revenues and make more money
  • To make a bigger impact, whether that’s more clients and customers, a larger audience on social media, or getting your products into the hands of more people
  • To experience more freedom and joy while you’re building your impact
  • To leave a meaningful legacy that influences generations to come
  • To get out of your own way, so you can make the leaps you want to make
  • To grow FAST – not little by little – but in big leaps and bounds
  • To learn how to stop sabotaging your results and your joy (i.e. how to stop the critical thought loops, self-doubt, and procrastination)
  • To feel energized and fully alive while you work
  • To stop the mom-guilt and any other “lower-nature” patterns, like shame, blame, anxiety, worry, overwhelm, and fear-based action

I’ve got you.

Mind Magic® is the How behind all of the personal development, growth, and expansion hype.

Tell me if this sounds familiar.
Everywhere you turn, people are telling you...

Just step into your power.
Just be your future self.
Just make million dollar decisions.
Just act like you’re already wealthy.
Just change your thoughts and change your life.

Just manifest it.

Just. Just. Just. Just.

Let’s be clear

All of those things are SPOT ON, possible, and totally available to you.

BUT >>> there’s a big-ass BUT in the room <<<

(and it’s not just my sexy badonka-donk)

No one has ever put ALL THE PIECES together in one game-changing container.

No one has the full and complete personal development and expansion picture

Not Tony Robbins.
Not Mel Robbins.
Not Baskin Robbins.

But I do:)

(Yeah, I said it. Ready? Watch this.)

Here’s why your personal development strategies may not have been working in the past:


You’ve done thought-work alone.

CBT, “models”, and “mindset work” that only deal with your thoughts leave out a HUGGGEEEEE piece of the evolution puzzle. Your body and nervous system are wired for emotion and safety. This is where you feel FEAR. This is where you feel ANXIETY. This is where you feel OVERWHELM. Your body is the home of emotional addictions that create patterns of behavior that stop your business from growing.

This is why you say “I should do that scary Facebook Live.” but then you procrastinate with email instead. You cannot THINK your way out of a box. You have to work with your nervous system and your body to train your RESPONSE on an energetic level.


You’ve left wounds unhealed.

If you’re human, you have wounds. Wounds form because of incorrect meaning you’ve assumed and internalized, that now function as a core disempowering belief that interferes with your ability to create or receive abundance, impact, wealth, and joy. Wounds continue in the body as trauma, interfering with your energetic resonance and your ability to be the fullest expression of who you are.

For example, if you have an abandonment wound (perhaps a parent left early on or your first love or some other important person in your life), you literally perceive life through the lens of paralysis and lack of self-trust because you think that anything you do or don’t do will make people leave you. Imagine the impact this has on your business! On your client relationships. Your personal relationships.

There are many other wounds like this and they’re greatly affecting your business. Personal development work that leaves these unaddressed actually causes you to work harder and faster. They may even lead to burnout as you try to overcome something you’re not even aware of is underneath the surface.


They are too complicated.

I mean, some personal development work seems to require a PhD to understand them, let alone to remember and practice what they’re teaching you to do. This complexity gets us stuck in our frontal lobe, thinking, processing, and analyzing – which is exactly where ZERO transformation takes place.

If you’ve ever had analysis paralysis, perfectionism, or an addiction to “learning more” before you can take action, you know what I’m talking about. You likely already have enough information, strategy, and capability to earn MILLIONS of dollars and make a global impact. The problem is that you don’t think you’re ready.

Complex personal development strategies only add to this problem by creating more and more things you don’t understand, thereby further slowing down your progress and transformation. 🙁 Sad face. No bueno.


They have you making choices from who you are - not who you need to be.

Imagine a person who believes that they have to work hard to make money. If they’re currently working as hard as they can, will they be able to exceed their current income level? Of course not. They are maxed out to the edge of their current belief system.

Therefore, evaluating strategies, coaching programs, or courses from their current dysfunctional belief system will only produce answers that continue to hit that ceiling.

Now imagine a person who believes “The more fun I have, the more money I make.” That person will be able to exceed their income level by having more fun. This is the power of embodiment. You must first embody the woman you’re becoming, so you can have thoughts, ideas, and insights that lead you to the results SHE is capable of producing.

So now that we’re clear,

We start with WHO we need to become to get the
results we want. We start with “What would SHE do?”

The answer of HOW, begins with one magnificent, decision…
The decision to step on the path of Becoming HER…

The HER that already exists inside the reality of your future vision.

The next level of your success, requires the next Level of You... and learning how to let HER lead changes everything.

The HER who

  • Shows up as her the fullest expression of herself
  • Is 100% present with her friends and family
  • Loves to be seen and heard
  • Releases limits entirely
  • Enforces boundaries with incredible grace
  • Is committed to calm and ease
  • Trusts herself profoundly
  • Uses her mind for it’s highest purpose – to create magic
  • Lights up every room she enters with her energy
  • Knows impostor syndrome is optional
  • Rests without guilt and creates space
  • Generates wealth through flow and conviction
  • Asks for help and is a phenomenal receiver
  • Impacts the world without forcing, hustling, or needless effort
  • Possesses the tools and practices to continually expand, grow, and take her to the next level – again, again, and again
  • Surrounds herself with a loving, soul-centered community that has her back

This work isn’t just a playful visualization. It’s mind-body-and-soul work, made up of a series of powerful, potent techniques that get you connected to YOUR “‘Her” (your highest self / future self) and get you embodying her at a physical, emotional, and energetic level.

This is one of the KEY secrets as to why my clients accelerate so much faster than those with other personal development strategies.

“I am amazed by the quantum leaps I have made, and the leaps I consistently witness in all the women inside this incredible community. I am in awe.”

- Things Mind Magicians Say

We do the deep inner healing work you need to live in a new reality.

The wounds that I find most often are stopping women leaders and entrepreneurs include: receiving wounds, worth wounds, and abandonment wounds. These cause women to:

  • Play small
  • People-Please
  • Avoid tough conversations
  • Hire the wrong people
  • Keep employees longer than they should
  • Hedge their messaging
  • Do things to be liked
  • Feel “blocked” around their vision
  • Procrastinate
  • Overeat, Imbibe, or Numb
  • Overwork or Overdeliver
  • Undercharge
  • Avoid the limelight
  • Sabotage sales calls
  • Create “vanilla” content
  • Stunt their social media growth
  • Make offers that don’t sell as well as they could
  • Create other ceilings to “stay safe”

And so much more.


I need to rant a minute about this whole strategy conversation. When I say strategy
I mean the answer to “How do I grow my business?”


There are a million and one strategies out there. There are coaches selling strategies, online courses touting shiny objects, and thousands of voices sharing conflicting information about what strategies work to grow your business.

Here’s the secret:

They ALL work. Every single one.

The problem arises when you seek a strategy to address an inner wound.

You cannot out-strategize your inner wounds. They will come forward no matter WHAT strategy you choose, so it’s really the inner work that needs to PRECEDE your strategy selection.

I will strategize with you all day but if you’re still:
  • Censoring Yourself
  • Afraid of Getting Visible
  • Abdicating Your Power
  • Addicted to Overwhelm
  • Denying Your Boundaries
  • Playing it Safe
  • Struggling with Inadequacy

Those strategies won’t mean sh*t.

I hope that makes sense. So when I say, “This is the work that makes all the other work… WORK.” That’s what I mean. The inner work in Mind Magic is designed specifically with the woman leader and entrepreneur in mind.


It’s for women who are up to big things in the world.
It’s for women who KNOW they’re meant for more.
It’s for women who won’t settle for whatever her wounds will allow her to have.


And it’s for women who sure-as-hell aren’t satisfied with what society, the Patriarchy, her ancestral traumas, and her absent so-and-so relative have told her she’s worth.


End Rant.

We give you SUPER SIMPLE practices
you can use every day, in the moment, any time you need.

One of my favorite parts about Mind Magic (and why I’m so well known) is that while it has 10 oh-so-digestible modules, it boils down to a FAST, SIMPLE daily practice you can do in minutes.

The practice of embodiment will allow you to:

  • Get better results faster
  • Take more effective action
  • See results from the strategies you choose
  • Help you make the right decisions for your business
  • Be bolder with your messaging
  • Feel safe to stand out from a crowd
  • Play bigger
  • Expand your vision
  • Accelerate your cash flow
Everything gets easier when you learn to access the wisdom you already have within you – the HER that knows exactly what your business needs to grow.

You will learn to be fully self-expressed and your business will grow like magic - because of who you’re BEING, what you’re ATTRACTING, and
what you’re now capable of CREATING.

It’s an amazing feeling you get when you arrive at unwavering self-belief and conviction. You no longer give a F*CK what other people have to say. You’re the fullest expression of who you are, and you’re doing exactly what’s right for you.

People are resonating with you – nay, FLOCKING TO YOU – because of your power, conviction, and joy. You’re not hedging or hiding. You’re SHINING. You’re glowing. You’re being and doing in alignment with what you want. Cash rolls in. Clients want to work with you. Bigger stages call your name.

It’s hard to list all the magic that becomes possible with Mind Magic.

But what the heck, let’s give it a try.

Mind Magic gives you

The ability to see and feel what’s you and what’s not you, the beliefs you’re walking around with that are truly YOURS and those that are icky residue from God-knows-who else (and of course, you learn how to drop that sh*t like a hot potato.)

The ability to choose new thoughts, beliefs, habits, strategies, and actions based on your highest self, the woman you’re destined to become.

The ability to notice all the f*cked-up junk food your brain has metabolized (because yes, you’re human and no, nothing whatsoever is wrong with you) and simply detox that sh*t out of your system. This goes for negative beliefs, self-confidence issues, emotional addictions, wounds. All of it. Junk. Out.

The ability to chart a new path, to walk a new road, and to claim your EMPIRE in a new way - not because you’re bobbing and weaving around your wounds, insecurities, and sabotage patterns - but because you’re finally free of them. You get this gorgeous blank canvas to create everything new.

Access to holistic success - not just the surface-level kind with money and clients and mojito-clad vacations. (We love all those. Let’s keep those. More of those, please.) But also, you get access to the kind of success that you know money can’t buy: peace of mind, a conviction in your purpose, puppy/partner cuddles, orgasms, not yelling at your kids but co-creating with them, or even… appreciating the sunset because you finally closed your f*cking laptop.

Mind Magic isn’t magic.You’re Magic.

And Mind Magic gives you the tools, the language, and the simple practices to help you access it, so you can create the most magnificent business you could everrrr imagine.

Don’t even consider skipping this.

Mind Magic® is a transformational, 6-month container that marries the proven Mind Magic® framework + an unmatched community of highly-conscious, high-achieving women that are actually DOING THE INNER WORK that’s required to take themselves and their impact to the next level.

Get ready to be FULLY SUPPORTED in your transformation...

Here is a Glimpse inside the magical, proven, potent framework

Once you decide to becomeHer,
everything else follows and flows!

Life feels
joy-filled, easy and FUN.

Being present with those you love comes naturally.

Leading your team with grace and vision feels effortless.

Enjoying your holistic success and your beautiful life (without guilt) is your new normal.

Generate wealth and impact with ease.

And all because you made a decision to do the work of YOU.

“Mind Magic® is such a beautiful dance between teaching and transformation; community and self-reflection that you can’t help but jump in and play. Get in before Oprah finds out about Tracy’s work. ”

- Things Mind Magicians Say

Decision time.


Your 6-month experience begins with 10 weeks of
program work and practices that serve as the foundation
of your transformational journey.

Weekly, you’ll be guided at an easy, digestible pace. (because we don’t do
overwhelm…we’re Mind Magicians #thingsmindmagicianssay)


we meet for LIVE Office Hours.

Here’s how Mind Magicians describe Office Hours:

  • Life-changing
  • Real, raw and full of breakthroughs
  • A place where your blocks are illuminated, your disempowering mindset patterns broken, and your energy is raised to a new level
  • Liberating
  • Magical
  • Pure, real, and honest
  • Impactful and powerful not just for those getting coached,
  • but for those listening
  • Worth staying home from work for
  • Energizing and epic
  • Heart, mind, and eye-opening
  • The absolute best use of my time
  • Someone pulling the exact thread needed to unravel a block that I didn’t even realize needed to be unraveled


There are powerful, cellular release breathwork and pranic energy healing sessions with 2 of the most gifted healers on the planet. Your Mind Magic transformation goes deep, this is to support you in the release, shifts, and epic uplevels that you are capable of.


Tracy Litt creates and delivers killer pop-up masterclasses like Money Magic ™, Fear of Success, The Art of Receiving, and more!

And, of course….drum roll….there’s

Fear Week

One of the most essential components of quantum leaping, moving the needle, and actualizing your dreams is action. Not just any action…

Action of the things that you keep avoiding, hedging on, and hiding from because your system wants you to believe that they are so big and scary that you couldn’t possibly…well that’s where fear week comes in and it will blow you away.

Here’s how Mind Magicians describe Fear Week:

  • A swift kick in the ass and a huge hug to your heart.
  • The push you’re secretly craving to create massive shifts in your life
  • Uncomfortably comfortable and gets you to dream bigger
  • The best thing ever invented
  • Permission to play a much bigger game
  • The perfect time to show the Universe you’re not messing around
  • The bomb
  • How I generated my 1 year vision in under 6 months
  • It slingshots you into the next level version of yourself that does the things old you would never do
  • Catapults you into a world where you do the impossible, and suddenly makes everything seem possible
  • Badass soul sisters holding hands while leaping into their dreams

Finally, and most essentially,

the community

held inside the Mind Magic container.

You have never had a community like this. Get ready to ascend with the most unmatched, unconditionally loving, vulnerable, and courageous COMMUNITY of women leaders and entrepreneurs that you have ever met.

Growth and expansion requires community and connection. No one quantum leaps alone.

It’s not a nice-to-have, it’s a requirement, and a huge part of what creates the countless transformations that come out of Mind Magic…

To allow yourself to feel constant love and support.

Being reminded of how incredibly capable you are.

Continually being encouraged to go for more.

The magic of collaboration over competition, rallying over comparison.

Being surrounded by like-minded women who are working the work right along side you and fully interested in witnessing you change, transform, and become HER.

It’s everything.

And quite frankly, what every woman deserves.

“I finally understand holistic success. I have more than tripled my income, ranked to top 5% of my company, my marriage has never been stronger, all while feeling such ease, joy, and flow. Mind Magic is the key to everything.

- Things Mind Magicians Say

One Time Payment

6 Monthly Payments of

Meet Tracy

the loving, ass-kicking, leader behind
all the magic (Mind Magic® that is.)

Hi! I’m Tracy, a success mentor for visionary women leaders and entrepreneurs, international best-selling author of Worthy Human, TEDx speaker, and founder of The Litt Factor.

…And not so many years ago, I was none of those things.


I remember the day I found myself as a single mother with an 8 month old baby (yes you read that right) with no college degree and no job.


That was the first time the woman in my vision (my higher self) showed up demanding that I create more for myself, and that sweet baby girl. I let HER lead and that was the catalyst that led me to climb the corporate ladder, ultimately landing as the Vice President of Human Resources for a global healthcare company.


I was great at my job and there was nothing “wrong” on the outside, but on the inside my soul felt like it was dying. There was a constant gnawing, an ever-present whisper of wanting to do more with my life, to make a profound impact in this world. To see what I was truly capable of…


While working that job, my higher self came back again and again, reminding me that I’m not getting out alive, so it’s time to play big and leap.


So I did just that. (After being paralyzed by fear for 2 years, which inspired me to become a fear expert so I can help world changers like you. It was even my big idea worth spreading for TEDx)

Today, I’m the CEO of The Litt Factor, a 7-figure human growth and potential company...and I feel like I’m just getting started.

Here’s what I know with certainty:

  • Who you’ve been is zero indication of who you’re capable of becoming.
  • You can generate your desires fast and seamlessly.
  • When you realize the depth of your power, the world better watch out.
  • And…success gets to feel amazing!

If you’re wondering, how did I get to where I am?

By practicing the work of Mind Magic®. Every piece of the Mind Magic® journey was born out of the work I did
(and still do) with myself, every day.

Mind Magic® isn’t just something I threw together, it is the curriculum on which I built my life and business. I am a practitioner of the work always because I continue to evolve, expand, and grow and every level requires me to dig deeper, play bigger, and access the next level of potential.

  • I don’t believe a thought I think, not one. I use my mind like the incredible tool that it is.
  • I create safety and regulation in my nervous system so I can do big unfamiliar things.
  • I prioritize my vibrational frequency, which means I spend the hours of my days feeling the way I want to feel, so I can generate with ease.
  • I upgrade my beliefs and my self-identity with every next level.
  • I let the woman in my future vision lead the way. She makes all the decisions, so quantum leaping is simply what I do.

It's this unshakable commitment to harnessing my Mind Magic® that allows me to wake up every day feeling really, deeply, holy-shit-I-love-my-life grateful.

And I want that for you to.

Making the decision to become a Mind Magician® is one of the best decisions you will ever make. Not because I am the creator (everyone thinks their baby is the cutest, lol) Most importantly because this work works.

The Mind Magic® framework works, 100% of time.
We have a zero percent fail rate.

The transformations, the results, leave my
in-awe Every. Single. Day.

The extraordinary women in Mind Magic® are

  • Scaling the businesses of their dreams
  • Generating their highest revenue months
  • Crushing generational patterns and creating a new legacy
  • Being seen and heard unapologetically as the fullest version of themselves.
  • Rising in corporate careers with raises, promotions, and corner offices
  • Breaking societal norms & perceptions
  • Leading with more influence than ever before
  • Directing their minds like the incredible tool that it is
  • Breaking their deeply rooted emotional addictions
  • Selling out their programs with ease and flow
  • Trusting themselves in ways they never knew were possible
  • Experiencing better, more trusting relationships through connection
  • Having more orgasms because they have the energy and desire
  • Celebrating and marinating in their successes like the goddesses they are
  • And so. much. more.

As a woman who is here to make a massive impact, generate massive wealth, and enjoy boundless, holistic success it is essential to grow.

Committing to your healing, growth, and expansion is not a “nice-to-have,” it’s not a luxury, it’s not a once I do this, this, and this, then I’ll focus on my own growth.

It is your growth that is the birthplace for the growth of everything outside of you -- your impact, your wealth, your relationships, your success --all of it.

Taking your success to the next level, and the next, and the next is directly correlated with you taking yourself to the next level and the next and the next.

You don’t need more strategy.
You need Mind Magic®.

A space where your blind spots are reflected back to you, where your excuses and rationalizations are not entertained, where you are fully seen and heard, where your ‘stories’ are not affirmed, where you are raising your consciousness and elevating your perspectives, where you are being lovingly pushed into the unfamiliar so you can experience all the things you say you want.

You cannot grow your impact, wealth, or success faster than you grow yourself.

Read that again.

Becoming a Mind Magician® is going to give you the greatest ROI of any investment you’ve ever made, because you are investing in the asset that is YOU.

The next level of you is so excited for you to say YES.
Let’s do this! I want to help you become Her...

There comes a point as a woman entrepreneur that you realize the thing that’s holding you back isn’t money; time; resources or lack of strategy and tactics. The thing that’s holding you back is. . . YOU. That’s where Tracy and Mind Magic come in; this program is such a beautiful dance between teaching and transformation; community and self-reflection that you can’t help but jump in and play. Tracy is magic herself – she will make you believe in your limitless potential and give you a sharp kick when you are making your excuses your reality. Get in before Oprah finds out about her.”

Seema Bharwani

Content Creation Queen

“I am feeling a higher level of confidence and trust in myself. I have the right tools to help me elevate my leadership and business and pursuing my goals. I have strengthened my overall mindset and have a greater belief in myself which has spilled into my personal relationships as well.
I have noticed a difference across all facets of my life. I am so looking forward to the future of my business…and what this new version of me will accomplish!”

Ariana Elsie-Mcnally

Business & Executive Coach

“Mind Magic is an essential component of personal growth. Beyond epic and transformational.  I was familiar with many of the concepts from NLP and years of growth work but the way Tracy teaches it penetrates in a new way. Mind Magic is the blueprint for how to get out of your own way.

Jordan Duvall

Creative Director & Brand Strategist

“I have doubled my monthly and annual income twice, I broke into the Top 200 Global Income Earners for my entire company, I am now in the Top 50 Global Leaders for our company, I went from zero personally enrolled Executives to personally developing 5 Executives, and grew my organization by 2k people. I am now building my very first custom luxury home on the opposite coastline. Mind Magic is the key to everything!

Marissa DeRosa

Network Marketing Professional, Top 50 Global Leaders

Want more details?
Grab a glass of wine and enjoy the Q & A!

Here are all the answers to the curiosities you still may
have about Mind Magic.

Mind Magic® is a hybrid of high-touch LIVE experience and self-study.

The 10 weeks of the foundational Mind Magic® program work is self-study and delivered in short modules that are broken down into 5-7 mini-lessons per week. You are guided weekly as you move through the 10 weeks.

The lessons are available in video, audio, and transcript form so that you can choose to explore the content in whatever form best suits your learning style.

The audio podcast feed is loved by all Mind Magicians, as it allows you to listen and learn from anywhere at any time.

Bi-weekly group coaching, Monthly breathwork & energy sessions, and Bi-Monthly pop-up masterclasses are ALL LIVE!
(Yes, replays are always available to you)

It’s truly up to you how much time you spend on your growth work, showing up to office hours, asking questions, and collaborating in the private online community.

The initial 10 foundational weeks are broken down in short lessons so it’s super digestible. If you move through all the lessons together each week, plan for about 75-90 minutes per week.

This is transformational work so it’s about the embodiment and the practices day in and day out. You will be using your Mind Magic® all the time…and it’s awesome!

The more you’re able to dedicate yourself to working the work, asking for the support you need, and participating in the community, the more quickly you’ll begin to experience your next level!

You don’t “do” Mind Magic® like a checklist.

You become a Mind Magician and use your power to make magic in every area of success.

After you complete the 10 weeks of foundational Mind Magic material, you’ll receive your Mind Magician diploma (YAY!) and learn the Becoming Her ™ Personal Accountability Process, which will support you to be intentional, and gain new depths of self-discovery and gains week after week.

You’ll stay in the Mind Magic® container for the remainder of your game-changing 6 months where you are practicing, implementing, and continuing to integrate the work.

You’ll be tapping into your next-level self every day and be on the journey to becoming her and actualizing your vision!

You get to choose!

Yes, really. You can stay in the Mind Magic® container as long as you want. Toward the end of your 6-month experience, you will receive continuity information.

Most magicians stay inside the program. 

Due to the nature of this program — once you’re in, you’re in, baby.

We do not offer refunds or cancellation options.

When you say yes to Mind Magic®, you’re joining a 6-month group experience, not just a 10-week program.

We know what you need to get the transformation you crave, and Mind Magic® will deliver that to you.

Many clients have commented that they have been in growth work before, and nothing transformed them like Mind Magic®. Including coaches, healers, and other personal development leaders.

If you’ve been doing personal growth work for a while but aren’t seeing lasting changes, Mind Magic® is going to be a game-changer for you.

The problem with most books you’ve read and programs you’ve taken is that they don’t make change actionable, and experiential. And it doesn’t play in all the spaces and places required to transform the way Mind Magic® does.

Transformation doesn’t happen through information…it happens through application. And one of Tracy’s superpowers is turning the metaphysical into the practical and tangible, and making the complex, enigmatic concepts make sense so you can finally feel like shifts are doable!

No worries. You are fully supported. Simply email [email protected] and we will give you the answers you seek.

More Proof that the work, Works

“I have now fully stepped into my role as a business owner. I have learned that I am NOT my mind, and I am the only person standing in between me and my dreams. I have taken more aligned action in the past 4 months than I ever have. I know trust and know that when I show up as my most authentic self, I attract all the things that I want – clients, opportunities, spaciousness, money, a sense of calm, connection and love. Mind Magic is next level.

Jen Rafferty

CEO of The Empowered Educator

I have never expanded so quickly! The program has allowed me to take a step back to take ten steps forward. To slow down, and learn to observe my language and where I put my focus and attention. The accountability is incredible, and the continuous support through pop-up masterclasses and office hours with Tracy keeps reinforcing the information and confirming my commitment to what I want to do and who I am becoming. Mind Magic is the answer to how to actually get out of your own way.

Rachel Teichberg

Rachel Teichberg

“Before Mind Magic I struggled with being a people pleaser, I always looked outside of myself. I didn’t have a voice. I thought I couldn’t make decisions. My mind was all over the place. I always needed acceptance and validation from others. Once I enrolled in mind magic things changed dramatically! I love saying no. I learned how to trust myself.

Now, when I have to make decisions, I go within myself, use my practices, really listen to my body and how it feels. If you’re considering Mind Magic, just do it! It’s a life changing experience!”

Liz Amerouso

Hair Therapist

“I needed Mind Magic to get me over that final hurdle in my business — myself! And for the first time since starting my business, there is no doubt in my mind that I am a CEO of a million dollar business. Since Mind Magic, I have had my best launch to date, and almost
zero anxiety.”

Stacey Mayer

High Performance Coach, & Corporate Promotion Strategist

“Tracy’s energy of no bullshit, no excuses, tough love combined with true compassion and fierce love was the hook for me. I expected the work to transform me; what I could not have expected was how it has allowed me to do equally transforming work with my own clients. I feel completely unstoppable in a way that I did not before Mind Magic. It’s the most powerful investment I’ve ever made in myself.

Laura Honeycutt

Success & Mindset Coach

“As Leaders and Entrepreneurs, we are not only responsible for leading ourselves, but we are responsible for leading and influencing others. We go first. If we don’t do this work, how do we expect others in our organizations to be the best versions of themselves. Mind Magic teaches concepts and tools that are practical, replicable and applied multiple times a day for reinforcement. The morning rituals have been a game changer for me.”

Barbara Alexander

Leadership Consultant

“Mind Magic helps you learn to love yourself.  Your ability to be happy and feel love is directly related to how much you LOVE and ACCEPT yourself unconditionally. This work teaches you to install boundaries and remove toxic people from your life. This work teaches you to be a self healer, and a steward of your own energy.  These skills are not optional for the human experience, let alone anyone who wishes to make an impact.”

Tammi Lipp

Energy Coach

“Working with phenomenal Tracy Litt has transformed my life and my way of thinking. I now have practices that I can implement at any given moment to keep me on track, get past my blocks and help me get out of my own way.

You will never regret investing in yourself and working with her. She is raw, real, incredibly effective and you are worth every single moment and penny. Choose you!”

Crystal McLean


“The biggest result I had is the realization that thoughts are simply that. THOUGHT. Not cold, hard, set-in-stone facts that define your entire life. That changed everything. It changed me, my business, my life. Tracy is like brain magic for skeptics.”

Daire Paddy

Business Coach

After the first week in Mind Magic, I was seeing positive results in my life. I was gaining a better understanding of my unconscious behaviors and how I could shift my energy when I was feeling low-vibe. I started to take more action in my business. I was using my voice in a new way by sharing my message more confidently. I also found more patience as a mom.

I would say to the person that is considering enrolling into Mind Magic, you deserve this. You deserve to spend the money on being part of a program and community that will change your life. Don’t think about the cost of the one-time investment, but about what it will cost you if you don’t make this investment.

This was the best personal growth investment I have ever made and all areas of my life are reaping the benefits.

Julie Nelson

Life & Mindset Coach

“Because of Tracy I have learned how to change negative narratives in my mind and stay in a state of empowerment. I am now a multi-passionate entrepreneur, and my abundance is exponential. I wake up happy and am enjoying a richer emotional life. In a short time, my work with her did more than decades of therapy. On every level our relationship has taken me to the next evolution of myself…and I’m only getting started.”

Megan Meany

TV host & Entrepreneur

“Working with Tracy has been nothing short of life shifting. The energy of my days is different, the energy in my marriage is different, and the energy in my business is refreshed.

You’re amazing, Tracy. Truly a gift.”

Vicki Pollack

Network Marketer

“What can I say about Mind Magic, absolutely transformational! Before I joined I was very far from ever thinking I could start my own business, never believed I could, I had knots in my stomach just thinking of it. Today I am partnering to open my new sales training business, I am a different person.

Kathy Amar

Insurance Consultant

“Before Mind Magic I allowed my thoughts to stop me from moving forward in my business and in my life. I was consistently stifled by thoughts of fear and lack. I enrolled in Mind Magic because I knew I needed to work on my mindset and how I was showing up.

I am now moving forward in my business, I am facing my fears and moving through them, and I am happy to say that I am showing up every day, messy hair, t-shirt or fully put together it doesn’t matter because I am in it and I am doing it! The power of this group format is unparalleled. It’s a built in support group, sisterhood, cheerleading section, whatever you need is there! Don’t miss out on an opportunity to join this game-changing experience!”

Faryl Moore

Energy Healer

“Before Mind Magic, I had progressed as far as I could alone. I had learnt so much about the ‘why’ but I couldn’t actually translate the knowledge into the changes I desperately wanted. I needed help to take me to the next level.

Mind Magic has changed me on so many levels! I now understand where my beliefs started, the reason for my perfectionism and need to control the outcome, what self-love really means and most importantly I learnt about FEAR! I am a different person now, I think differently, I’m braver and for the first time in a long time, excited about the future!

I can’t recommend Mind Magic enough.”

Vicki Woods


“After working with Tracy in Mind Magic, I could see clearly what was in my way: It was me, my old thoughts, and self-defeating patterns. The best part is that Tracy never judges you. She’s right there with you, being open, vulnerable, and compassionate. Choosing Mind Magic was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Melanie Sparks


Tracy is a no-nonsense, compassionate, and all-encompassing force of nature. Through Mind Magic, she gives you all the tools you could ever need to start owning your choices and taking control of your destiny.”

Alexis Field


“I’ve done a lot of stuff, but none as powerful as Mind Magic. Mind Magic is the fuel you need to take action. When Tracy said it was the work that makes all the other work work, she wasn’t kidding. It is the foundation for a happy, success-filled life. It is KEY for running a business and being a leader in your own life.”

Marissa DeRosa

Network Marketing Professional, Top 50 Global Leaders

“I thought the idea of being innately worthy was the biggest woo-woo crock I had ever heard. That’s because I had never done Mind Magic. Now I wake up every day feeling completely worthy, and it is now my personal mission to show everyone around me that they are innately worthy as well. How are we never taught this?”

Gaby Abrams

Rapid Transformational Business Coach