The only certification program of its kind, built around the proven Mind Magic® Methodology and The Choice Method™ that marries Consciousness, Healing, Neuroscience & Energetics to deliver unprecedented transformations

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The doors for the
are now closed for the 2023 cohort. Join the waitlist to be notified when the doors open to apply for the 2024 cohort.

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What if you had a proven transformational program so comprehensive that it supports healing, growth, and expansion on all levels — from the subconscious mind to the conscious mind to the energetic and emotional work required to help people truly change and take themselves to the next level?


What makes the Certified Master Mind Magic Practitioner Program so unique is that while other programs may certify you in modalities like NLP or EFT that are amazing tools to add to your arsenal, Mind Magic® is the leading, PROVEN FRAMEWORK that you can take a client, group, or team through . . . and when applied, it works 100% of the time


“My confidence has skyrocketed. Since CMMMP, I’ve booked my first keynote, I’m launching the second round of my mastermind, planning my new group program using the Mind Magic® framework, and generated four new clients.
My business has leveled up because I’ve leveled up.
I’m a different coach than I was before CMMMP.”

Amy Young

Coach & Founder
Redefine Possibility

“If you want to uplevel your life, if you want tools for your business, if you want to help more people, if you want to have an impact, and you want to be around one of the coolest leaders out there, and you want a community of sisterhood, this is your place.”

Celi Arias

Business Strategist

“Since Mind Magic and becoming a CMMMP, my business has experienced massive growth. Revenue exploded and we are about to hit the 7-figure mark. We went from four members, to 90 members in our organization.”

Cheryl Thompson

CEO & Founder
CADIA - The Center for Automotive Diversity, Inclusion & Advancement

“I’ve studied neuro-linguistic programming, cognitive behavioral therapy, and hypnotherapeutic technique. I got certified under Tony Robbins’ Robbins-Madanes certification… Nothing held a candle to the excellence and the proven results that Mind Magic® did.”

Dr. Tarryn MacCarthy

The Business Of Happiness

The Proven



We’re spiritual beings having a human experience, and the Mind Magic® framework was developed upon that foundational Truth. It’s designed to support the whole being . . . and that means the subconscious mind, the conscious mind, energetic, somatic and emotional release and regulation practices, and nervous system calibration and resilience.


No one teaches neuroscience and energetics like Tracy Litt. You’ve heard “Change your thoughts, change your life” or “Mindset is everything” . . . but how do you help someone shift out of their default programming…  sustainably? The Mind Magic® methodology was built by Tracy, and makes the intangible, tangible with applicable practices + tools that actually create lasting change.


All growth exists in the unfamiliar. The unfamiliar to your system is automatically deemed unsafe. With the proven Mind Magic® framework, you will become proficient in helping your clients understand the art of change, shift their relationship with fear, and create safety in their nervous system as they heal old wounds and normalize all the beautiful results that they are creating.

Curious how Mind Magic teachings on FEAR are unlike ANYTHING you’ve seen before?

Check out Tracy’s renowned TEDx talk!

Who is this for?

The Certified Master Mind Magic® Practitioner Program is for coaches, facilitators, healers, leaders, and entrepreneurs who feel called to expand their capacity to support and serve their clients and teams into the next level of themselves.

It doesn’t matter what industry, niche, or demographic you serve, the proven Mind Magic® methodology supports you in facilitating life-changing transformations to both individuals and groups.

The framework is designed to give you a clear pathway to incredible results, while also being customizable enough that you can adapt it to serve your audience.

Seeking deeper insight on what exactly becoming a Certified Master Mind Magic® Practitioner can do for you?

Seeking deeper insight on what exactly becoming a Certified Master Mind Magic® Practitioner can do for you?


Click your category below

You became a coach to make a difference. To help people access their limitless potential. To be of service so you can make an impact in the consciousness and frequency of this world, one beautiful being at a time. To experience financial freedom and abundance on your own terms.

I know that about you, because you’re just like me.

As a Certified Master Mind Magic® Practitioner you will have:
  • The confidence and practices to guarantee your clients’ next-level results.
  • The skillset to take a client deeper so they can go higher.
  • Unwavering belief in yourself as a practitioner.
  • Access to the done-for-you, comprehensive, already proven framework and methodologies so you can hit the ground running and serve the way you were born to.
  • The science behind the art of change.
  • The conviction to charge a premium for your services and make more money.
  • The last certification you will ever need.
  • Deep, connected, lasting relationships with other world-changers that you will wonder how you ever thrived without.
I’m really happy you’re here, exploring what becoming a Certified Master Mind Magic® Practitioner would mean for you, your impact, your teams, your leadership, and your company.

FACT: All professional development is personal growth at the core.

The world is changing, and starving for new ways of being and new, elevated leadership. The old ways of leading and managing are outdated, keeping organizations limited and churning in low-level, stagnant cultures and ways of being in business.

Companies have a social responsibility and an incredible opportunity to contribute to the evolution of our world, and the beautiful beings in it.

Why become a Certified Master Mind Magic® Practitioner? ?
  • With a multi-generational workforce, you need a skillset that brings everyone together and generates results.
  • You’re asked to coach your people, be a servant leader… discover what that means in practice and how to successfully do it.
  • You want to – and are responsible to – help your team level up and drive greater outcomes for the organization, and you need the tools and practices that support you in doing exactly that…
  • The days of old-school professional development are over. No one needs another time management productivity solution. You know, like you know that it’s time to deepen your capacity to coach and lead your people, and you’re ready to step into your next level and become certified in the absolute most comprehensive framework and methodologies available in the professional development industry.
  • You’re tired of burning the candle at both ends, circling back, closing the loop, and getting after the low-hanging fruit.
  • You want a training that’s going to transform you into being that next level of leader you know you’re capable of being, and that you can take to your team to teach, empower, and help transform them into the next level leaders you know they’re capable of being.
  • You’ll possess the skills and confidence necessary to guide your team in mindset work that will upgrade how they think, so they – and you – can deliver higher-level productivity and results in a healthier and more sustainable way. It’s quite literally a win-win-win for everyone and the company at large.
  • Simply put, becoming a CMMMP will take you, your impact, your teams, your leadership, and your company to the next level.
You’re connected. You understand the truth of your divinity. If it’s woo-woo, it’s your jam.

The opportunity to become a Certified Master Mind Magic® Practitioner? will change the game for you and your clients, and here’s how…
  • Incorporating neuroscience, somatics, and thought work into your current practice will be a better marriage than PB&J.
  • Understanding neuroscience and proven ways to help your clients think differently will allow for holistic, sustainable transformation. 
  • Experiencing your own transformation will cultivate unwavering belief and conviction in you.
  • You will generate the money in the 3D realm that you deserve to receive. Bye-Bye struggling healer paradigm.
  • You will learn how to simply and succinctly convey to your clients that spirituality is science, allowing you to reach more people and gain more confidence as you deepen the scope of your capacity to serve and speak to your clients’ transformation-potential in a more relatable way.
  • Legitimize for skeptics and non-believers who truly need your service.
You’re doing incredible work in the world. You are dedicated, passionate, and whip-smart in your area of genius.

And with all the confidence you hold, you are becoming more and more aware that to truly guide your clients to the promised land, for which they come to you, it’s high-time to expand your skills and capacity. The skills and capacity to coach and help your clients do the inner work required to level up, again and again and again.

What can becoming a Certified Master Mind Magic® Practitioner? do for you and your impact?
  • Support your clients in reprogramming their belief system so they can show up to execute on the strategy and visibility needed to achieve what they want. 
  • Teach you how to recognize when a client is blocked, and elegantly move them out of their own way, with ease.  
  • Generate exponential results in your offerings because you are now equipped with the most comprehensive, proven nervous system & thought work available. 
  • Create new offers based on the proven identity-evolution and transformation methodologies taught inside of this certification program.
  • Charge more for your existing services.
  • Elevate your brand to new visibility heights as you elevate yourself, your team, your products and services, and your business as a whole.
  • Be able to serve your audience and platform with the guarantee of healing, growth, and ascension. 
  • Have everything at your fingertips with all the insanely amazing, on-demand, done-for-you assets.


…There is inner work that MUST BE DONE so that they can in fact create those incredible results.

Mind Magic® Is The Transformational Methodology
That Works On All Levels.

Your clients will change. Period.

“I never knew what unwavering confidence felt like, until now. As a Certified Professional Coach, and Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapist, making an impact and generating results with my clients is my priority. When Tracy announced the CMMMP program, I leaped right in. No one teaches mindset and energy like Tracy Litt. She makes everything feel so easy. The abundance of live group calls, in person training intensive, and the assets I received post certificatio, blew me away. I’ve never experienced a certification like this. It’s more like an experience.”

Madalyn Scipione

Rapid Transformational
Therapist & Coach

“Even though I have completed a coaching certification program, and a full ICF coaching certification, I still felt that I was missing the mark on giving clients tools & practices to change…to achieve the transformation from the inside out.
When I was introduced to the Mind Magic® work and, instantly I said to myself, “Oh, this is it. This is the work that will bridge that gap.”

Sheila Eggert

Leadership & Transformation Coach
Your Inner Circle Coaching

“No matter the industry you work in, your clients need Mind Magic®. There is no framework as powerful as this one.”

Angélique Binet

Founder & Coach
Social Media Love

“There is a whole warehouse of assets: slide decks, marketing materials, literature, social media planning, back office support. All of it comes in the assets with the certification, and it makes it so easy to just overlay a logo and your branding colors, and really make the materials yours.”

Diana Greshtchuk

Coach & Founder
Fan Your Flame, LLC

“Since becoming CMMMP, my relationship with my husband and my family dynamic has changed completely. Everything just feels easy. I unconditionally love and accept myself like never before. My bank account has grown tremendously, and I am believing the truth of my abundance like never before. CMMMP is magic.”

Tasha Romanelli

Zen Den

“The results have been insane. I put something out to the universe, and then the universe is like, “Sure honey, anything you want. Oh, you want that too? Okay. I got you girl. You want that too? You get it, here it is.”

Liz Svatek

Conversations With Warrior Women PODCAST

“I learned to truly trust myself, to trust my intuition, to trust my body, and to trust my vision. I’m more at ease. I am the embodiment of this work.”

Beth Graves

You're Not The Boss Of Me!

“You will embody the work, and you will become a living, breathing, walking testimonial for it without even talking about it.”

Barbara Alexander

Intuitive and Spiritual Coach
Barbara C. Alexander, LLC




including video training, audio recordings, and growth tools and practices that make the work digestible and easy-to-follow, no matter your learning style.


on topics like creating and holding trauma-informed spaces, high level nervous system regulation, some of the industry’s most relevant and important components of being a phenomenal practitioner, and more.


so that you can deliver the full Mind Magic® program as a 12-week experience to individuals or groups.


as you become a CMMMP, including direct coaching, teaching, and mentoring from some of the absolute best Trainers and Coaches in the industry.


Tracy’s proprietary system for helping your clients and teams consistently embody their next level selves again, and again, and again, one choice at a time. 


that you can use to help your clients powerfully reprogram their minds on a subconscious level. 


of proven exercises, practices, and tools you can access on-demand and deliver in both 1:1 and group settings to achieve massive transformations.


to go beyond accountability and build connections, discuss the work, brainstorm, support, and inspire each other . . . Ya know, your “We’re gonna change the world” posse!


where you are in community with and connected to other past and future practitioners to ask questions, share breakthroughs, and receive support.


to go along with all Mind Magic® curriculum so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel and can jump right into delivering the framework once certified. We are handing you EVERYTHING. Yes, EVERYTHING.


(60-90 minutes each) complete with slides, workbooks, and facilitator’s notes with comprehensive, timed-out instructions so that you can deliver a proven transformational experience at any event, retreat, or talk. Workshop Topics: Fear, The Power of FA, Vision, Resistance.


of all Mind Magic® materials, including modules, powerpoints, workbooks, and more. (Licensing must be renewed annually.)
















“I can honestly say now that I know who I am, and what I’m here to do, and that is the most satisfying, amazing feeling… to finally know yourself, to see yourself, to really recognize your bigness and your boldness and your magic, and to be able to articulate it and serve the world with it. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

Tammi Lipp

Sacred Philosophies

“I knew from the moment that I started working with Tracy, in elevation actually, and then in Mind Magic®, that I needed to be able to share what I was learning with the people that I work with. I knew that this work was going to be a game-changer, that it is the missing piece for people who are going through life transitions, like divorce, and I just knew that this is what was missing for me and my practice.”

Sharri Freedman

Certified Divorce Coach®
Attorney | Mindset & Co- Parenting Expert

MEET Tracy


Embodiment & Quantum Success Mentor, Science & Spirituality Teacher, Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapist, Certified Practitioner of Neurology & Somatics, Creator of MIND MAGIC®, and CEO of The Litt Factor.

I’ve been called the platitude whisperer, the truth-teller, the cure for emotional congestion, the how behind all the hype. I wear those titles proudly.

And when I became a coach, I instantly knew my ‘why’:  To eradicate the great lie of unworthiness, and to support, serve, and love people in healing, growing, and expanding into the highest version of themselves . . . and in that ‘becoming process’, naturally generate everything they desire.

Years later, this conviction has only grown exponentially more fierce. 

As a renowned leader in the human growth and potential space, who has completed thousands of hours of individual and group coaching and mentorship, I’ve just about seen it all.

I’ve created and delivered high-touch luxury retreats and teen empowerment programs, served private clients (men and women), delivered epic corporate gigs teaching cultures of consciousness and extraordinary leadership, and built – and run – programs ranging from large groups to high ticket, invitation-only, intimate groups.

I also wrote and published the bestselling book, Worthy Human: Because You’re The Problem And The Solution, and delivered the game-changing TEDx: Dear Fear, It’s Not You, It’s Me.

Along my journey, I astutely observed myself and those I was lucky enough to serve, coach, teach and share energy with. I saw what worked. I saw what didn’t work. I saw the resistance and what caused it. I noticed and noted the themes among them. I saw the magical power of being a part of an unconditional loving community.

It’s with all of that serving, learning, and paying attention that I started to develop my own body of work. My own proprietary methods and teachings that really really worked. They weren’t complex or enigmatic. They went beyond the hype to the how.

And, what matters most? THEY WORK. EVERY TIME.

When I started hearing things from my Mind Magic® clients like, “I’ve been doing personal growth forever and this actually worked,” or “Can I teach week 3 to my sales team?” or “I want to use this in my coaching business!”  I knew it was time to bring this incredible work to more people.

Get certified and let the magic begin!

The doors for the
are now closed for the 2023 cohort. Join the waitlist to be notified when the doors open to apply for the 2024 cohort.

join the CMMMP Waitlist.

“I’m embodying the work all of the time, which makes me a better practitioner for my clients, because I’m not just telling them information, I am the transformation.”

Jen Rafferty

Chairman & CEO Empowered Educator

“You can’t be in this program and not become different.

Old behaviors that weren’t serving me were so deeply ingrained, and I watched them fall away, and I felt them fall away, and I felt myself changeand evolve through the program.”

Kim Mintenko

Leadership Coach &
Mindset Specialist


The Certified Master Mind Magic® Practitioner Program is broken down into 3 Phases to support you in absorbing the foundational materials, immersing yourself in the methodology, and completing your certification. 


Foundation & Identity Evolution

Foundation & Identity Evolution

Your certification journey begins as you go through the foundational weeks of Mind Magic® as a student of the work, experiencing your own transformation and evolution along the way. During each week, you will complete checkpoint assessments to identify your proficiency, confidence, and areas of opportunity in the concepts and teachings. 




Join the absolute best Trainers and Coaches in the industry, along with Tracy and the other members of your certification cohort for a LIVE, in-person, immersive learning experience in sunny South Florida that supports you through deepening your understanding of the work, role-playing, co-coaching, and more, as you lock in your transformation and begin embodying the phenomenal practitioner you’re capable of being.


Elevated Practitioner Skill & Certification

Elevated Practitioner Skill & Certification

In six (6) game-changing Masterclasses, you’ll learn the intangibles of client transformations that will take your impact to the next level, with topics like Detached Involvement, Trauma-Informed Spaces, You Are Not Their Guru, and so much more.  

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for . . .



It’s time to put your Mind Magic® knowledge to the test . . . the good news? It’s open book/note. Take the opportunity to show us (and yourself!) how far you’ve come with the comprehensive exam.


Now is your chance to shine! We’ve developed a stunning model, in which you have the opportunity to really demonstrate your next-level practitioner skills, including a LIVE assessment.

Once you’ve completed the program you can now proudly share that you are a Certified Master Mind Magic® Practitioner and carry your title and capacity to transform lives with pride!

Because your success is so important to us, we want you to have all the support and done-for-you resources possible to reach the next level in your impact!

You’ll also then get access to


Once you’ve successfully completed your certification, you’ll unlock access to BUSINESS MAGIC™, our comprehensive kit of done-for-you resources to take your business or brand to the next level.


  • DISCOVERY CALL KIT.  Learn how to successfully host a discovery call with a client where you identify the transformation that they’re seeking and guide them to why you’re the perfect person to walk that path with.
  • WEBINAR KIT.  Want to scale what you do and bring it to more people? We make it easy by giving you everything you need to host your first webinar.
  • SALES PAGE KIT.  Not sure what to put on your sales page? Not to worry, we’ll give you the copy templates and guidance you need to sell the Mind Magic®   program with confidence.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT.  Access swipe files and done-for-you Mind Magic® topic resources to support you in growing your reach on social media.
  • LEGAL KIT. Looking for a contract, terms and conditions, or release for use in your business? No need to reinvent the wheel — we’ve got ‘em all.
  • ONBOARDING KIT.  Get everything you need to onboard new clients, step-by-step, with ease.
  • And so much more!
“I have been taught under Tony Robbins, Darren Hardy, Grant Cardone, a lot of people in my world who were very successful and are very driven.
But, there was something about Tracy.
She talks to you – and to your soul – and I knew that I wanted to learn that magic from her and be able to share it with others.”

Blair Critch

Wellness Coach

“You’re going to very quickly realize how so many other programs or certifications have let you down in comparison to what CMMMP is going to deliver for you.”

Tasha Da Costa

Founder & CEO
Lady Boss Studio

The doors for the
are now closed for the 2023 cohort. Join the waitlist to be notified when the doors open to apply for the 2024 cohort.

join the CMMMP Waitlist.


Your tuition for the Certified Master Mind Magic® Practitioner Program includes:


  • 6-month certification program
  • Mind magic® foundational modules including video training, audio recordings, and growth tools and practices
  • Masterclasses to elevate your practitioner skills
  • The certified master mind magic® practitioner’s guide books
  • 6 months of live training & support
  • The choice method™
  • Done-for-you, system-altering hypnotic recordings
  • A practice bank of proven exercises, practices, and tools you can access on-demand and deliver in both 1:1 and group settings
  • Practitioner pods
  • A private community
  • Done-for-you workbooks & powerpoints
  • 4 off-the-shelf workshops (60-90 minutes each) complete with slides, workbooks, and facilitator’s notes
  • One year of licensing of all mind magic® materials, including modules, powerpoints, workbooks, and more. (licensing must be renewed annually and includes any progressive updates of the material)
  • Business Magic™
  • Unlimited Membership in the Alumni Group





“I’m honored to be a Certified Master Mind Magic® Practitioner. It has changed my life. Even if you don’t intend to serve anybody with it, you will undoubtedly – by proxy – serve the world with it by who you become during the certification process.”

Jillian Pawlowski

Dreamworthy Life Coach

“At the age of 55, I am doing a complete career shift. I am diving into my coaching business full time, and stepping away from a very well-established salon spa and boutique.
It is in full alignment with who I am.”

Stacey McFarland

Founder & Head Coach Soul Studio


Highly Conscious Leaders make decisions based on ROI, not cost. It’s so important to invest in resources that you know will make a direct impact on your bottom line.

This is unquestionably one of them.

Not only will you learn powerful practices and tools that will – sustainably – rewire you to a new level of mind and energetic resonance, you’ll also gain the confidence and conviction that come with being a Master Practitioner of a proven framework that creates unprecedented transformations for your clients and teams.

Once you’ve successfully completed the certification program, you’ll be able to add services, charge more for your current services, and/or build a new business using the skills and practices you have learned.

Learning the Mind Magic® methodology will pay for itself many times over.

The possibilities are endless!

Here’s a few examples, rest assured, there’s many more:

  • You can incorporate teachings, methods, and modules to amplify the way you work and bring your clients next-level results and transformation.
  • You can take a private 1:1 client through the entire Mind Magic® journey, week after week. We provide the entire Mind Magic® curriculum, workbooks, PowerPoint slides – all of it.
  • You can teach and coach your way through the Mind Magic® journey as an epic group coaching experience or team experience.
  • You can host live or virtual retreats, workshops, or talks on stages. The CMMMP Program also delivers 4 ready-to-go presentations that will rock your attendees’ worlds!
As an active CMMMP, you will be licensed to use all proprietary assets of Mind Magic®, including Tracy’s coveted system, The Choice Method ™.

You will also be able to co-brand. The CMMMP badge stays on all materials, you can simply add your logo and branding to it. You can use the entire curriculum as-is, or you can extract the proven tools and practices and use them on demand for powerful, transformative moments with your clients or teams.

Your enrollment in The CMMMP Program Includes one full year of licensing from the date of certification. After that, your annual licensing investment will be $1000.


You cannot create any passive digital products using the proprietary CMMMP assets or methodologies.

You cannot create a program that uses a pre-recorded, evergreen model to teach or coach Mind Magic®, as it’s considered digital.

You cannot train others in CMMMP materials and/or teachings.

CMMMPs must teach and coach the materials in LIVE capacities only.

The immersion will take place from 6/5/2023 to 6/9/2023 at a gorgeous hotel in Southeast Florida.

Hotel accommodations for the 4 nights of the 5-day immersion are included in your enrollment certification. You will room with another CMMMP (opportunity to upgrade to a private room available). Travel, transfers, meals, and incidentals are your responsibility.

Yes! The Litt Factor is a certified ICF Continuing Coach Education (CCE) Provider. If you are already an ICF certified coach, in completing the CMMMP process you will earn 42.5 Core Competency hours and 25.5 Resource Development hours that can be used towards your ICF renewal or certification upgrade.

Yes! We have 3 tuition options: Pay In Full, 6 Monthly Payments, or 3rd party financing for those who qualify.

Still have questions about The CMMMP Program or how the materials can be used?
Contact us at [email protected] and ask away!


from Tracy

“I am here for massive impact and world domination.”

This was the intention that I sat with at the end of 2020, reflecting on the incredible year I had serving, teaching, and coaching . . . and how many lives had been transformed through Mind Magic®. At that moment, my Higher Self came through. (She and I are tight and she always leads the way.)  She told me, “It can’t just be you. If you want your work to change the world, you need a movement.” As I write this to you, tears are running down my face and my body has the chills, because if there’s one thing I know, it’s that we are created for greatness. You CAN have it all . . . You CAN dream bigger . . . And we CAN change the world . . . (If we’re not here for that, then what the f**k are we even doing?!) It was clear to me from that moment on, that the transformational work of Mind Magic® needed a movement. A movement of independent practitioners who were committed to abundance, elevated energetic resonance, higher levels of consciousness, and guaranteed results. A movement of Highly Conscious Leaders who were mission-driven, heart-and-soul-led, committed to serving and supporting their clients and teams into becoming the next levels of themselves, over and over again, and who wanted to lean all the way into what’s possible within . This work is already changing the world through the practitioners who have come through certification before you, and this is your chance to be part of it. Are you in?  
The doors for the
are now closed for the 2023 cohort. Join the waitlist to be notified when the doors open to apply for the 2024 cohort.

join the CMMMP Waitlist.

“Somehow the work, itself, and Tracy’s ability to have created work that creates intimacy in itself, is a brilliant system. I dont know how she did it.”

Celi Arias

Business Strategist

“This really isn’t about learning a bunch of information that you’re then going to teach to others. It’s about becoming the work, becoming the results of the work that you’re teaching, and guiding others through that same experience.”

Kim Mintenko

Leadership Coach & Mindset Specialist

“I can use the Mind Magic® framework with my clients, and I already know it works.
I know because it worked on me.”

Tasha DaCosta

Founder & CEO
Lady Boss Studio

“This work gives you the audacity to connect to that deep knowing, that only you have, about what’s right for you and what you want to do next.”

Tammi Lipp

Sacred Philosophies

“I find that with all of my certifications, the body of work that is truly meant to transform people, is Mind Magic®.”

Barbara Alexander

Intuitive and Spiritual Coach
Barbara C. Alexander, LLC

“This is the most clearly drawn program.
It’s easy to digest for people it makes a lot of sense. It’s clearly laid out, and I think, fundamentally, this is what everyone needs to move forward.”

Liz Svatek

Conversations With
Warrior Women

“I have been a Reiki and energy healer for over 8 years, allowing me to become a master at it. When the pandemic hit, I knew it was time to dig deeper and offer more to my clients. I knew that adding proven mindset work to my energy work would be of highest service.”

Tasha Romanelli

Zen Den

“When you work with my company, Social Media Love, you start with Mind Magic®. We do the inner visibility work, so that you can be ready for the outward, online visibility.”

Angélique Binet

Founder & Coach
Social Media Love

“The breadth of backgrounds in the community are incredible – from corporate leaders to energy healers. Coming from a long corporate background & conditioning, it helped me let go of all of the “shoulds” of what it means to do leadership development in corporate, and really embrace going deeper into what really creates change for people. Sustainable transformation, not short term changes.”

Sheila Eggert

Leadership & Transformation Coach
Your Inner Circle Coaching

“After 25 years in corporate, climbing the corporate ladder, well into my six figure salary, I knew what impact I made on other corporations. I had a really difficult time, embracing my gifts, and recognizing that I could make an impact on people with my own brand. CMMMP helped me do it. This program provided the framework for me to be able to lead women through transformation.”

Barbara Alexander

Intuitive and Spiritual Coach
Barbara C. Alexander, LLC

“You’re going to become better at being a master of your own nervous system regulation, your own healing of your traumas and your wounds, your own stepping into your greatness.”

Dr. Tarryn MacCarthy

The Business Of Happiness

“I have gone through so many different programs, and learned from many different leaders – Tracy and her work are one of a kind. Her work, works and provides the tools and practices to make real, lasting change. As a CMMMP, I now have this proven work for myself and DEI practitioners.”

Cheryl Thompson

CEO & Founder
CADIA - The Center for Automotive
Diversity, Inclusion & Advancement

“The women in the room {at Powerhouse) that I was seeing, they were so transformed. Some of them were coming back a second and third time and upleveling even more. They had left husbands, they had stayed with husbands, they had launched businesses, they were making a million dollars in their business, they were doing all these things, and I thought, “oh my god, these tools must really be something”, and I thought they would be perfect for my warrior women.”

Liz Svatek

Conversations With
Warrior Women

“The community on its own is worth becoming certified.”

Tasha DaCosta

Founder & CEO
Lady Boss Studio

“The women in the room {at Powerhouse) that I was seeing, they were so transformed. Some of them were coming back a second and third time and upleveling even more. They had left husbands, they had stayed with husbands, they had launched businesses, they were making a million dollars in their business, they were doing all these things, and I thought, “oh my god, these tools must really be something”, and I thought they would be perfect for my warrior women.”

Amy Young

Coach & Founder
Redefine Possibility

“I see myself as an elevated version of a CEO, with a vision that is totally unshakable as to who I can be and, really, who I am capable of being.”

Jen Rafferty

Chairman & CEO
Empowered Educator


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