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You work, you run, you schedule, you focus, you strive – all for the ultimate goal…happiness, peace and fulfillment. 

Happiness.  Isn’t that what we all, deep down, are working toward?  

I can go on and on with tips of what to do to increase your happiness and joy.  Right now, let’s walk through the 3 things to stop doing to feel an instant shift in increased happiness, more peace and deeper fulfillment.  I know, I’m excited too!

The 3 Shifts to Happiness:

1. NO MORE COMPARISON!  ‘Comparison-itus’ serves no one.   When you compare yourself or your life to that of someone else’s, you are in judgement.  Judgement is toxic and skews the way you see the world.  It’s that feeling of “look how perfect their life is” when you see a post on Facebook or “She’s so pretty and always has it so together” when you see your co-worker. When you compare, you are in someone else’s business.  When you are in someone else’s business, you are ignoring your own.  So, stay in your lane.  Stay focused on you.  Remember, where your focus goes, your energy flows.

2. SAY GOOD-BYE TO MULTI-TASKING!   I understand and appreciate that we have been raised in a society that encourages us to believe to do more, do it faster, accomplish accomplish, get it all done, schedule more activities, cram it in, more more more, and that if we are great at doing multiple things simultaneously then we are really awesome and valuable.  I’m here to tell you that multi-tasking is bullshit.  Multi-tasking is ineffective and exhausting, not to mention it’s burning you out and making you feel bad about yourself.   There’s no rush or expectation, other than what you are inflicting on yourself.  Decide what your priorities of the day are and chunk out time to be present and focused on each thing during that moment in time.  Then move to the next.  And if the dishes stay in the sink or you let your child drop their 3rd extracurricular activity, the earth will continue to spin.   

3. EXPECTATIONS BE GONE!  At the root of 95% of your disappointment, frustration and let down is a failed expectation.  Here’s the thing, when we create an expectation we are basically taking our ideals, beliefs and ways of being, and throwing it onto someone or something else, expecting them to deliver precisely in that way.  Trouble is, no one is you.  Anytime you utter a should, a supposed to, a why aren’t they just…it’s an indication that you are sitting with an expectation.  The thing about life, is that if often doesn’t look the way we think it will. To be peaceful, it’s better to be open to what actually is, instead of what you think it should be.

Which one of these 3 shifts resonates with you the most?  You know, the one that as you read it makes you say, “Omg, that’s totally me, I totally do that all the time.”  Pick that one and try it on.  ‘Trying it on’ means practicing awareness and interrupting the behavior, for a short period of time.  When you feel lighter and happier as a result of the change, you will easily continue to make it more permanent.  Remember, you’re a student of life.